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The chemistry of Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a highly in demand compound which occurs naturally as well as manufactured in the laboratory. It is used as a flavoring agent for a large class of processed foods. More »

Raspberry ketone: The ugly truth

People today are very much familiar with the name raspberry ketone. The pharmacy market (researchers and scientific backing excluded) has found high potential in marketing raspberry ketone. Basically identified from the raspberry More »

Hair loss sufferers keen on using Raspberry Ketones

Not a major section of diseases gets the tag of “non-curable” and baldness being one of them is a prominent headache for those who suffer from it. Researchers and pharmacist are quite More »

Getting back in shape with raspberry ketones

A raspberry is a delicious fruit which contains over 200 molecules, which conjointly provide the distinct and tasty flavor of raspberry. Raspberry ketone is one of those molecules, which is believed to More »

Raspberry Ketone In Weight Loss : Myth or Reality

WHAT IS RASPBERRY KETONE The sweet aroma found in Raspberry is due to a natural substance present in them, known as Raspberry Ketone.  This substance is also present in some other berries More »


Side effects of Raspberry ketone

raspberry-ketone-weight-lossThe hot topic among health conscious people who always desired to have zero figure or the people who were fed up of trying different random therapies in order to loose their “tyres” is none other than a magical compound. Raspberry ketone is believed to do miracle in weight lose therapy but this new trending Raspberry ketone that claims great succes rates as a medicine for weight loss has recently indicated some side effects. The side effects cannot be ignored as its consumption can cause serious health troubles in the long run suggests the new reports.

The natural content of raspberry ketone is very small and so the compound is synthesized from red raspberries  (Rubus idaeus) and other berries like black berry artificially using different organic reactions. Commonly used for controlling obesity it is also used in foods, cosmetics, and other manufacturing as a fragrance or flavoring agent. Although products containing this compound are marketed for weight loss, there is no clinical evidence for this effect in humans.”Reliable research on the use of raspberry ketone for any health condition in humans is currently lacking. Further high-quality research is needed,” said Catherine Ulbricht, senior pharmacist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Study on mice fed a high-fat diet found raspberry ketone prevented weight gain in the liver, and gains of visceral fat (“belly fat”) that surrounds organs. The success rates are the supporting factor though. Earlier researches didn’t indicate any side effects but recent study demonstrated that when mice were fed very high doses of raspberry ketone there was a statistically significant prevention of high-fat-diet-induced elevation in body weight. The high dose effect is accounted to stem from the alteration of lipid metabolism. It might also affect a hormone in the body called adiponectin.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration first categorized raspberry ketones as a “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) food additive in the 1960s. However GRAS status is given under the assumption that a person will consume less than two milligrams of raspberry ketone a day. Raspberry ketones have never been tested on humans in scientific studies.The only research on the effect of raspberry ketones on fat are a handful of animal studies. The production and consumption rates of this artificially synthesized though indicates alarming threat from this diet supplement. Raspberry ketone is not well studied at concentrations used in supplements – which can range from 50 to 250 milligram per serving. And there are some known side effects from their use.

Raspberry Ketones Side EffectsRaspberry ketone is also suspected to react with medicines, such as those that regulate heart rate and cholesterol, and hormones.Researchers concluded that by stimulating lipolysis (the breakdown of fats) and other chemical processes, raspberry ketones suppress fat accumulation and improve fat metabolism. As raspberry ketone In this case, the effects of raspberry ketones were documented but the underlying mechanism of how this worked was not confirmed. Even as a cosmetic the effect of raspberry ketone have not been confirmed for some having positive action on skin. Raspberry ketone is also believed to alter hormonal activities. Interference with hormonal activities leaves a serious question mark on the mechanism of working of raspberry ketone. Manipulating hormones can lead to mood swings and improper functioning of certain organs creating long term malfunctioning of metabolism often triggering other diseases.

Nutritional supplement manufacturer Andrew Lessman criticized and countered sensationalized media and marketing claims about raspberry ketone’s purported weight-loss benefits and strongly cautioned against its use. More than 30% of Americans are overweight and so they sort to raspberry in the hope of loosing the extra kilos quickly. There is no measure to limit the amount of the compound present in the consumer goods and so there is no guarantee of safe consumption of the compound. Some consumers do reported chronic metabolic troubles after the consumption of the compound. Diabetic patients also reported weakness after taking the commercially available pills of the compound. All and all nothing can be said about this potential drug untill more research statistics and its long term effects are studied deeply. The controversy of the side effects of raspberry ketone surely indicates that long term consumption is unfit and should be avoided.


The chemistry of Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Chemical Structure

Raspberry ketone is a highly in demand compound which occurs naturally as well as manufactured in the laboratory. It is used as a flavoring agent for a large class of processed foods. Apart from this it has been unofficially regarded as a fat burning agent, used as a cure for baldness and much more. As we proceed, we will analyze its chemical composition and structure which accounts for the effects and side effects of Raspberry ketones

The chemical structure

Raspberry Ketone Chemical StructureIts chemical structure resembles that of fat burning products like Synephrine and Ephedrine, the difference being the replacement of an ethylamine group by buttoning-substituted phenyl group

Interaction with human body

The supposed effects: Fat burning is one of the believed effects of raspberry ketone; however, clinical trials for this have only been done on mice, not on humans. It interacts with the liver and increases the rate of attenuation of liver fat. It also benefits the liver enzymes. The good side effects of raspberry ketones also include cure from baldness and reduction in the process of ageing.

The raspberry ketones side effects: The most noted side effects of raspberry ketone users include stimulation of the circulatory system, thereby increasing the action of a heart amounting rapid heartbeat. Also throbbing of heart and quivering behavior of the human body could be linked with the use of raspberry ketone. The raspberry ketone side effects are more prominent for lactating mothers and pregnant mothers, hence they are strictly asked to avoid its use.

Different countries have given different status to raspberry ketone thereby deciding their flow in the market. For instance, the US Food and Drug Administration has identified it as “GRAS (generally recognized as safe)”whereas the Food Standard Agency, UK does not consider its effects as serious and considers the raspberry ketone side effects as grave thereby terming it as “novel” and hence putting it on the unauthorized list of food compounds.



Raspberry ketone: The ugly truth

raspberry ketones

People today are very much familiar with the name raspberry ketone. The pharmacy market (researchers and scientific backing excluded) has found high potential in marketing raspberry ketone.

raspberry ketone sideeffectsBasically identified from the raspberry fruit, raspberry ketone these days are manufactured in the lab, owing to its less occurrence naturally. However, it is also found in other fruits such as peaches, grapes, apples, cranberries, etc.. It is believed that this compound has the medicinal potential to reduce weight since there is no clinical proof to back this argument.

Based on the belief that raspberry ketones fight obesity, there are drug companies which market this compound with concentration ranging from 50mg to 250mg in the name of “miracle drug for the obese”

The commercial grapevine:

Television, radio, newspaper and magazines and all other media sources too could be seen flooded with the advertisements of weight loss capsules, which do miracles for overweight people. They run the advertisements with the help of actors who pose as doctors and then explain the little process that has only been tested on mice, ignoring the raspberry ketone side effects. These advertisements are highly tempting for fat people who are under social pressure and ready to do anything for becoming slim, other than exercising.

The raspberry ketone side-effects:
With no clinical trial of raspberry ketone, its effects could not be justified, however the side effects of raspberry ketone could be easily heard from people who fall trap of the alluring advertisements. The raspberry ketone side effects include increased circulation of blood, the way in which stimulants do, hence resulting in rapid heartbeat. The side effects of ketones also include palpitations and shaking of the body.

It’s high time, people should realize that these products are tested on mice not humans and being humans they should believe in their own natural ways of keeping fit, rather than relying upon the commercially available raspberry ketone.


Hair loss sufferers keen on using Raspberry Ketones


Not a major section of diseases gets the tag of “non-curable” and baldness being one of them is a prominent headache for those who suffer from it. Researchers and pharmacist are quite keen on finding the cure for this and a lot of progress has been done in this regard. A lot of these innovations are related to Raspberry ketone. However, the proposed cure comes to the side effects of ketones.

What is raspberry ketone?

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are one of the 200 molecules found in the fruit “raspberry”, significantly this compound is also found in cranberry and blackberry. However, the natural occurrence of raspberry ketone is quite low; hence readily available ketone in the market is basically lab manufactured. It is known for health benefits in several areas, including weight loss and diabetes. Treatment of alopecia using raspberry ketone has been a recently discovered phenomenon by the Japanese researchers, but the raspberry ketone side effects are yet to be concretely listed.

The raspberry ketone effect on alopecia

Properties of an older effective compound “capsaicin”used against bald were taken into consideration by the researchers and then matched with that of raspberry ketone. Unlike the weight loss medicinal value of which is putative; the cure for hair loss is clinically tested. The researchers worked on randomly selected subjects, these included mice and humans with facial and scalp baldness. So, for four long weeks of application of raspberry ketone on mice, the results were positive. Mice showed an increase in the dermal insulin of the hair follicles “IGF-1” thereby enhancing the hair growth. However, for human subjects the hair growth phenomena were successful for 50% of the test subjects and that too after a period of application of 5 weeks. Another good side effect of raspberry ketone was the increased elasticity in the skin. So, this study furnished the fact that raspberry ketone has much more medicinal value than its known value. The “IGF-1” works via sensory nerve action.

The side effects of raspberry ketone as medicine

The medicinal property of raspberry ketone has found a use in treating a variety of ailments, including ageing, obesity, diabetes and hair loss. However, with every pros aspect comes the con aspect and nature has balanced raspberry ketone too. The regular users have found some uneasiness with the use of ketones which amount to the raspberry ketone side effects. The patients reported to have rapid heartbeat and jitteriness  due to the increase in the circulation of blood.This effect can be well understood by the fact that it chemically resembles other blood circulating stimulants. There have also been complaints of shakiness in the body and palpitations. Apart from these observed effects, researchers have strictly denied the use of raspberry ketone for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Hair loss is caused by many factors, out of which some known factors include, genes, environment, food habits etc. It is well proven that raspberry ketone helps in the revival of human hair, but owing to side effects of ketones, its usage must be restricted and preliminary focus for revival of hair should be on a healthy diet, exercise (predominantly yoga)


Getting back in shape with raspberry ketones

raspberry ketones

Raspberry KetonesA raspberry is a delicious fruit which contains over 200 molecules, which conjointly provide the distinct and tasty flavor of raspberry. Raspberry ketone is one of those molecules, which is believed to be of cure for one of the most common health problems: obesity.  This chemical composition is found in red raspberries, cranberries and blackberries as well. However, a detailed analysis shows that with the positive behavior against obesity, there are side effects of raspberry ketones, which could not be ignored.

Obesity issues:

A recent study of the world health organization shows that, worldwide obesity numbers have increased to more than twice since 1980 and in 2014 overweight percentage among adults (above the age of 18) is 39% whereas the obese percentage in the same is 13%. A more disturbing fact is that obesity kills more people that underweight. The consequences of being overweight and obese could lead to a majority of diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some type of cancers. However, obesity is preventable and so is the ailments related to it; researchers around the world come up with various ideas to prevent obesity from being happening and one of those is the Raspberry ketone but the ketone side effects come as a complimentary package with it.

Weight loss through raspberry ketone:

raspberry-ketone-A handful of preliminary studies on the chemical structure of raspberry ketone suggests that it could be used to reduce human weight. Clinical trials of raspberry ketone on male rats showed an increase in the secretion of adiponectin (a type of hormone, which is used to break down fat and inside the living body, it is secreted by fat cells), this test showed significant reduction in rat fat. Another study was done on fat cells inside of a test-tube which were mixed with raspberry ketone; the result was the breakdown of fat cells by stimulated ketones. However, not a clinical trial of raspberry ketone is done on humans.

The Raspberry ketone side effects

Since the clinical study of the behavior of this compound is still in the preliminary stage, therefore, the side effects of raspberry ketones could not be mentioned with full confidence. The concentration of raspberry ketone in the supplements available in the market varies from 50mg to 250mg per serving, and so does the reported raspberry ketone side effects. With no scientific backup, concrete side effects of ketone cannot be declared but users of raspberry ketone have found a few, which include jittery feeling, increase in blood pressure, hence rapid heartbeat. Some people have also reported a sense of shakiness and palpitations after the few usages of raspberry ketones.

Obesity can be handled, and people find edible compounds as the easiest way to curb it and raspberry ketone being one of them. But, as evident from the above facts, with no scientific back up the effects and side effects of raspberry ketones cannot be produced with full confidence. However, one small piece of advice for obese and overweight people is that before believing in these compounds for weight loss they must believe in themselves and make use of physical workout and sweat to counter their increase in weight.


What people don’t know about Raspberry?

Before you move on side effects of raspberry ketones, you should know about Raspberry in detail. Why Raspberry Ketone known as overpriced and magical weight loss solution? This question will be answered here completely.

What is Raspberry?

raspberry-ketone-supplementRaspberry ketone is a phenolic compound present in red raspberries. This phenolic compound is the reason of raspberry signature scent. In the early days, raspberry ketones were primarily used to buy the food and perfume industries, but now it is sold in supplement form.

Raspberry ketone has been advertised as the emerging weight loss solution, as manufacturers claimed that   Raspberry ketone contain chemicals to help the body to reduce fat rapidly. Is this true?

Before you purchase any Raspberry ketone bottle from the market, read below content carefully which may surprise or shock you!

What was the result of the scientific study on Raspberry Ketone?

You won’t believe that Raspberry ketone was never tested on human beings. Yes, it’s right! Scientifically tested Raspberry ketone on rats for checking the ability of fat reduction. They performed two studies in rats. One study was conducted on a male rat, which resulted in increased secretion of adiponectin, a hormone released by fat cells to break down the fat of the body. The ultimate result was less fat developed in the rat body. In the other test, the rat was fed with a high quantity fat diet with varying amount of Raspberry ketones. The rat who intake more Raspberry ketones found to be burning more fat and reduced formation of fat tissues.

The third test was conducted in a test tube to confirm its action against fat cells. This test also resulted that Raspberry ketone stimulates the rapid breakdown of the fat cells.

Few recent searches showed that when Raspberry ketone was applied on the skin, it results into improved skin elasticity and helped hair to grow in less than five months. Even then side effects of raspberry ketone were unrevealed.

All these tests do not approve that Raspberry ketone is the safe weight loss solution. Don’t you think, Raspberry ketone should have tested on human beings to know about ketone side effects before launching it in the market? Life is more important than weight loss so people should not consider this as a best weight loss solution without trusting research on a human being.

What about the TV claims?

Those channels which promote Raspberry ketone does not have proof to be trusted. No one should believe these TV channels without knowing Raspberry ketone side effects and actual benefits.

Raspberry ketone side effects

Raspberry Ketones Side EffectsAs scientists failed to check the actual benefit of Raspberry ketone, so, it’s quite dangerous to use it. Recently a few people tried the supplement of Raspberry ketone which resulted in rapid heartbeats and increased blood pressure. The FDA also disapproved Raspberry ketone for being used for weight loss without knowing its scientific results.

There may be any raspberry ketones side effects which can harm the health adversely or can even lead to death, it can’t be predicted.


Raspberry Ketone In Weight Loss : Myth or Reality

raspberry ketone sideeffects


The sweet aroma found in Raspberry is due to a natural substance present in them, known as Raspberry Ketone.  This substance is also present in some other berries like Blackberries, Cranberries and Kiwi, though comparable in smaller amount than that of Raspberry.


RaspberriesSince long, Raspberry ketone is widely used in cosmetic products and also in soft drinks, ice cream, perfume, and some processed foods as a food additive to impart a fruity odor. In recent years, Raspberry ketone has gained popularity as an ingredient for weight loss. Despite this popularity as a weight loss supplement’, no reliable scientific evidence is found, as of its being effective for the purpose, when taken by people. Some people even use it to their scalp to improve hair growth.


. Raspberry ketone is not abundantly found in Raspberries, thus costing around $ 20,000 per kg, so it is chemically prepared using a variety of methods. Synthetic Raspberry ketone costs approximately one-fifth of the natural product, so it is much cheaper.


Using Raspberry ketone as a weight loss supplement is often questioned regarding the side effects of raspberry ketone. No scientific studies have been made for determining ketone side effects on human beings. However, some experiments and studies have been made on rats and other animals to check if raspberry ketones side effects may be found. Though no side effects of raspberry ketones were evidently found, but the intakes given to mice and rats were much higher than a human being would get with raspberry ketone supplementation. Instead of ketone side effects, studies showed that in mice and rats, raspberry ketone protected against weight gain and fatty liver.

Despite being not scientifically proven anything regarding side effects of raspberry ketones, in some cases, a feeling of jitteriness might be caused. Besides these, a few people reported of feeling shaky and of palpitations (pounding heart beat). Another raspberry ketones side effects reported so far is an increase in blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat.

Moreover, any reliable information as of side effects of raspberry ketone during pregnancy or breastfeeding is not found so far, it is yet to be determined if ketone side effects are there or not. But to be on the safe side, uses of raspberry ketone should be avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

However, no side effects of raspberry ketones found when used as a food additive, so the FDA has categorized it as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS)



So far, due to lack of enough scientific information, the appropriate dose of raspberry ketone for human beings is not determined. It depends on various factors, such as age and health of the user. Some other conditions should also be taken into consideration while deciding the dose of raspberry ketone. Hence, before start using raspberry ketone as a supplement, a physician or any of your other health care professionals should be consulted. Besides this, you should follow all the instructions provided on the product labels.






Raspberry Ketone: Use and Effects


raspberry-ketonesRaspberry Ketone is known for its strong aroma and is used in many good smelling objects. The berries contain this Ketone. It had been used for a very long time, and it is widely used in soft drinks, food items etc. to give flavor. Many people consume this Ketone directly by eating fruits or taking the flavors directly in food.

These raspberry ketones have become very popular as a weight loss supplement recently. People get confused that this supplement is actually extracted from the raspberries, but this is not true.

However, it is possible to extract the Ketone from raspberries also. But the amount present in many kilograms of raspberries would be just a few milligrams. So, this process will be extremely expensive, and we won’t buy simple supplements at a very high cost. This is the reason why these supplements are made synthetically, and are processed in industries. Their name is related to a fruit, but don’t assume that they are ‘natural’.

Another confusing thing is the word ‘Ketone’. Ketones are known to be a part of low carbohydrate diet, and they generate the burning of fats in body. But these supplements do not do anything related to the low fat, carbohydrates or burning of calories.

Natural sources of raspberry ketones:

These ketones are not only found in raspberries, but they are also available in other berries like blackberry and cranberry. These compounds are rich in Vitamin A, E, C and beta-carotene. Fruits contain very less amount of this compound. So, artificial manufacture is done. They are widely used to give flavor and aroma to food items.

Important notes about raspberry Ketone:

As discussed earlier, we know that raspberry Ketone was used as a fragrant for food items. It is a phenolic chemical compound, which is synthesized artificially. It is well known and used for the smelling quality.

There are many claims that raspberry Ketone is helping to burn the fat and decrease the body fat. These claims are even done by many TV advertisements. Many people have followed them and are using this product. But what is the originality of this fact? This article will tell you about the major truths behind raspberry ketones and related misconceptions.

Scientific approach:

Raspberry ketones effectsThe scientists have never ever conducted a test to check out the Raspberry Ketone side effects on human beings. They never carried out any significant research to conclude the impact of raspberry ketones on humans; however, they did other experiments. Three different types of experiments were carried out to study the side effects of raspberry Ketone. In the first experiment, the mice were given doses of raspberry ketones and they were examined for the change in body fats. It was observed that the fat reduction was implemented after the initiation of dosages.

The second experiment was also very similar. In this experiment, the mice were given fatty diet and then they were injected with varying dosages of raspberry ketones. They also showed significant fat burning.

Third test was conducted at the cellular level. The fatty cells were reacted with this raspberry Ketone, and they were mixed in a test tube. They also showed a progressive fat reduction, and hence it was concluded that the side effects of raspberry ketones are zero percent. But still there were no results for human beings, as no test involving the human beings was conducted.

Some experiments and tests related to the Ketone side effects were done in the skin. But on the contrary, it showed good improvement and better hair growth. So it was observed and concluded that raspberry ketones are good for the skin.

These experiments approved that the raspberry ketones are useful and beneficial for human beings in many ways. But we cannot be so sure, as we don’t have any evident experiment showing the safe weight loss or fat reduction. We can just assume about it due to the other experiments, but the raspberry ketones side effects are unpredictable, as we are not sure how they can affect other tissues. After all, the life of a human being is much more valuable than his weight loss.

TV claims and ads:

Many channels and commercials promote these raspberry ketones, but even they don’t have any significant evidence which denies the Raspberry Ketone side effects. They should not be followed, because consumption of anything unknown can be risky.

Raspberry Ketone side effects:

Fresh raspberries isolated on white backgroundThere is no permanent evidence related to the safe use and weight loss in human beings. Scientists have conducted different experiments on other levels, but never a direct human experiment. As the TV commercials have promoted this supplement very much, people have used these products.

It has been observed that people have been getting some minor disturbances due to these compounds:




  • This compound is related to a stimulant called as Synephrine.
  • This compound caused the feeling of nervousness and uneasiness in some people.
  • Hypertension and elevated heart beats were also observed by the users.
  • Some people also reported that they were experiencing palpations in a heart beat and their body was shaking unusually.


Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should never ever use these supplements. We don’t know about any possible damage they can cause. So, we must choose to stand on the safe side, and trust only reliable supplements. The FDA also disapproved these supplements, as they don’t carry any scientific support or evidence of safe weight loss.


There are many natural and artificial supplements for the health and weight loss these days. Each supplement or compound has its own specialty and effects. Everything present in this world has two faces. One face will help you, and others may harm you. Scientists have worked for years to categorize between the good and the harmful ones. Everyone wants to achieve good health and perfect body. TV commercials try to attract you, and they will only enlighten you about the goodness of anything. They will never tell about the side effects of their products. It is our own responsibility to choose between the genuine and healthy things. Never go for attractions, always follow a safe and systematic path.