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Getting back in shape with raspberry ketones

raspberry ketones

Raspberry KetonesA raspberry is a delicious fruit which contains over 200 molecules, which conjointly provide the distinct and tasty flavor of raspberry. Raspberry ketone is one of those molecules, which is believed to be of cure for one of the most common health problems: obesity.  This chemical composition is found in red raspberries, cranberries and blackberries as well. However, a detailed analysis shows that with the positive behavior against obesity, there are side effects of raspberry ketones, which could not be ignored.

Obesity issues:

A recent study of the world health organization shows that, worldwide obesity numbers have increased to more than twice since 1980 and in 2014 overweight percentage among adults (above the age of 18) is 39% whereas the obese percentage in the same is 13%. A more disturbing fact is that obesity kills more people that underweight. The consequences of being overweight and obese could lead to a majority of diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some type of cancers. However, obesity is preventable and so is the ailments related to it; researchers around the world come up with various ideas to prevent obesity from being happening and one of those is the Raspberry ketone but the ketone side effects come as a complimentary package with it.

Weight loss through raspberry ketone:

raspberry-ketone-A handful of preliminary studies on the chemical structure of raspberry ketone suggests that it could be used to reduce human weight. Clinical trials of raspberry ketone on male rats showed an increase in the secretion of adiponectin (a type of hormone, which is used to break down fat and inside the living body, it is secreted by fat cells), this test showed significant reduction in rat fat. Another study was done on fat cells inside of a test-tube which were mixed with raspberry ketone; the result was the breakdown of fat cells by stimulated ketones. However, not a clinical trial of raspberry ketone is done on humans.

The Raspberry ketone side effects

Since the clinical study of the behavior of this compound is still in the preliminary stage, therefore, the side effects of raspberry ketones could not be mentioned with full confidence. The concentration of raspberry ketone in the supplements available in the market varies from 50mg to 250mg per serving, and so does the reported raspberry ketone side effects. With no scientific backup, concrete side effects of ketone cannot be declared but users of raspberry ketone have found a few, which include jittery feeling, increase in blood pressure, hence rapid heartbeat. Some people have also reported a sense of shakiness and palpitations after the few usages of raspberry ketones.

Obesity can be handled, and people find edible compounds as the easiest way to curb it and raspberry ketone being one of them. But, as evident from the above facts, with no scientific back up the effects and side effects of raspberry ketones cannot be produced with full confidence. However, one small piece of advice for obese and overweight people is that before believing in these compounds for weight loss they must believe in themselves and make use of physical workout and sweat to counter their increase in weight.


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