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Hair loss sufferers keen on using Raspberry Ketones


Not a major section of diseases gets the tag of “non-curable” and baldness being one of them is a prominent headache for those who suffer from it. Researchers and pharmacist are quite keen on finding the cure for this and a lot of progress has been done in this regard. A lot of these innovations are related to Raspberry ketone. However, the proposed cure comes to the side effects of ketones.

What is raspberry ketone?

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are one of the 200 molecules found in the fruit “raspberry”, significantly this compound is also found in cranberry and blackberry. However, the natural occurrence of raspberry ketone is quite low; hence readily available ketone in the market is basically lab manufactured. It is known for health benefits in several areas, including weight loss and diabetes. Treatment of alopecia using raspberry ketone has been a recently discovered phenomenon by the Japanese researchers, but the raspberry ketone side effects are yet to be concretely listed.

The raspberry ketone effect on alopecia

Properties of an older effective compound “capsaicin”used against bald were taken into consideration by the researchers and then matched with that of raspberry ketone. Unlike the weight loss medicinal value of which is putative; the cure for hair loss is clinically tested. The researchers worked on randomly selected subjects, these included mice and humans with facial and scalp baldness. So, for four long weeks of application of raspberry ketone on mice, the results were positive. Mice showed an increase in the dermal insulin of the hair follicles “IGF-1” thereby enhancing the hair growth. However, for human subjects the hair growth phenomena were successful for 50% of the test subjects and that too after a period of application of 5 weeks. Another good side effect of raspberry ketone was the increased elasticity in the skin. So, this study furnished the fact that raspberry ketone has much more medicinal value than its known value. The “IGF-1” works via sensory nerve action.

The side effects of raspberry ketone as medicine

The medicinal property of raspberry ketone has found a use in treating a variety of ailments, including ageing, obesity, diabetes and hair loss. However, with every pros aspect comes the con aspect and nature has balanced raspberry ketone too. The regular users have found some uneasiness with the use of ketones which amount to the raspberry ketone side effects. The patients reported to have rapid heartbeat and jitteriness  due to the increase in the circulation of blood.This effect can be well understood by the fact that it chemically resembles other blood circulating stimulants. There have also been complaints of shakiness in the body and palpitations. Apart from these observed effects, researchers have strictly denied the use of raspberry ketone for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Hair loss is caused by many factors, out of which some known factors include, genes, environment, food habits etc. It is well proven that raspberry ketone helps in the revival of human hair, but owing to side effects of ketones, its usage must be restricted and preliminary focus for revival of hair should be on a healthy diet, exercise (predominantly yoga)


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