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Raspberry ketone: The ugly truth

raspberry ketones

People today are very much familiar with the name raspberry ketone. The pharmacy market (researchers and scientific backing excluded) has found high potential in marketing raspberry ketone.

raspberry ketone sideeffectsBasically identified from the raspberry fruit, raspberry ketone these days are manufactured in the lab, owing to its less occurrence naturally. However, it is also found in other fruits such as peaches, grapes, apples, cranberries, etc.. It is believed that this compound has the medicinal potential to reduce weight since there is no clinical proof to back this argument.

Based on the belief that raspberry ketones fight obesity, there are drug companies which market this compound with concentration ranging from 50mg to 250mg in the name of “miracle drug for the obese”

The commercial grapevine:

Television, radio, newspaper and magazines and all other media sources too could be seen flooded with the advertisements of weight loss capsules, which do miracles for overweight people. They run the advertisements with the help of actors who pose as doctors and then explain the little process that has only been tested on mice, ignoring the raspberry ketone side effects. These advertisements are highly tempting for fat people who are under social pressure and ready to do anything for becoming slim, other than exercising.

The raspberry ketone side-effects:
With no clinical trial of raspberry ketone, its effects could not be justified, however the side effects of raspberry ketone could be easily heard from people who fall trap of the alluring advertisements. The raspberry ketone side effects include increased circulation of blood, the way in which stimulants do, hence resulting in rapid heartbeat. The side effects of ketones also include palpitations and shaking of the body.

It’s high time, people should realize that these products are tested on mice not humans and being humans they should believe in their own natural ways of keeping fit, rather than relying upon the commercially available raspberry ketone.


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