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Raspberry Ketone: Use and Effects


raspberry-ketonesRaspberry Ketone is known for its strong aroma and is used in many good smelling objects. The berries contain this Ketone. It had been used for a very long time, and it is widely used in soft drinks, food items etc. to give flavor. Many people consume this Ketone directly by eating fruits or taking the flavors directly in food.

These raspberry ketones have become very popular as a weight loss supplement recently. People get confused that this supplement is actually extracted from the raspberries, but this is not true.

However, it is possible to extract the Ketone from raspberries also. But the amount present in many kilograms of raspberries would be just a few milligrams. So, this process will be extremely expensive, and we won’t buy simple supplements at a very high cost. This is the reason why these supplements are made synthetically, and are processed in industries. Their name is related to a fruit, but don’t assume that they are ‘natural’.

Another confusing thing is the word ‘Ketone’. Ketones are known to be a part of low carbohydrate diet, and they generate the burning of fats in body. But these supplements do not do anything related to the low fat, carbohydrates or burning of calories.

Natural sources of raspberry ketones:

These ketones are not only found in raspberries, but they are also available in other berries like blackberry and cranberry. These compounds are rich in Vitamin A, E, C and beta-carotene. Fruits contain very less amount of this compound. So, artificial manufacture is done. They are widely used to give flavor and aroma to food items.

Important notes about raspberry Ketone:

As discussed earlier, we know that raspberry Ketone was used as a fragrant for food items. It is a phenolic chemical compound, which is synthesized artificially. It is well known and used for the smelling quality.

There are many claims that raspberry Ketone is helping to burn the fat and decrease the body fat. These claims are even done by many TV advertisements. Many people have followed them and are using this product. But what is the originality of this fact? This article will tell you about the major truths behind raspberry ketones and related misconceptions.

Scientific approach:

Raspberry ketones effectsThe scientists have never ever conducted a test to check out the Raspberry Ketone side effects on human beings. They never carried out any significant research to conclude the impact of raspberry ketones on humans; however, they did other experiments. Three different types of experiments were carried out to study the side effects of raspberry Ketone. In the first experiment, the mice were given doses of raspberry ketones and they were examined for the change in body fats. It was observed that the fat reduction was implemented after the initiation of dosages.

The second experiment was also very similar. In this experiment, the mice were given fatty diet and then they were injected with varying dosages of raspberry ketones. They also showed significant fat burning.

Third test was conducted at the cellular level. The fatty cells were reacted with this raspberry Ketone, and they were mixed in a test tube. They also showed a progressive fat reduction, and hence it was concluded that the side effects of raspberry ketones are zero percent. But still there were no results for human beings, as no test involving the human beings was conducted.

Some experiments and tests related to the Ketone side effects were done in the skin. But on the contrary, it showed good improvement and better hair growth. So it was observed and concluded that raspberry ketones are good for the skin.

These experiments approved that the raspberry ketones are useful and beneficial for human beings in many ways. But we cannot be so sure, as we don’t have any evident experiment showing the safe weight loss or fat reduction. We can just assume about it due to the other experiments, but the raspberry ketones side effects are unpredictable, as we are not sure how they can affect other tissues. After all, the life of a human being is much more valuable than his weight loss.

TV claims and ads:

Many channels and commercials promote these raspberry ketones, but even they don’t have any significant evidence which denies the Raspberry Ketone side effects. They should not be followed, because consumption of anything unknown can be risky.

Raspberry Ketone side effects:

Fresh raspberries isolated on white backgroundThere is no permanent evidence related to the safe use and weight loss in human beings. Scientists have conducted different experiments on other levels, but never a direct human experiment. As the TV commercials have promoted this supplement very much, people have used these products.

It has been observed that people have been getting some minor disturbances due to these compounds:




  • This compound is related to a stimulant called as Synephrine.
  • This compound caused the feeling of nervousness and uneasiness in some people.
  • Hypertension and elevated heart beats were also observed by the users.
  • Some people also reported that they were experiencing palpations in a heart beat and their body was shaking unusually.


Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should never ever use these supplements. We don’t know about any possible damage they can cause. So, we must choose to stand on the safe side, and trust only reliable supplements. The FDA also disapproved these supplements, as they don’t carry any scientific support or evidence of safe weight loss.


There are many natural and artificial supplements for the health and weight loss these days. Each supplement or compound has its own specialty and effects. Everything present in this world has two faces. One face will help you, and others may harm you. Scientists have worked for years to categorize between the good and the harmful ones. Everyone wants to achieve good health and perfect body. TV commercials try to attract you, and they will only enlighten you about the goodness of anything. They will never tell about the side effects of their products. It is our own responsibility to choose between the genuine and healthy things. Never go for attractions, always follow a safe and systematic path.


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