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Raspberry ketones: Facts you should know

raspberry ketonesRaspberry ketone has become a buzz word in health communities in recent years as a miracle health supplement for weight loss. Health diet supplements have turned a real blessing for people who have tried and failed hundred of diet plans. In recent times, raspberry ketone has turned to be a favorite choice of health supplement. How far is it beneficial? Is raspberry ketone the real magical medicine for weight loss?

We have seen numerous discussions on ketone side effects and there is enough confusion going around raspberry ketone side effects too. If you are tempted to grab your bottle of raspberry ketone health supplement, this article might be helpful.  The fact is, studies and research are going on the benefits and side effects of raspberry ketones, but not yet proven.

What exactly is raspberry ketone?

What is special about raspberries? Of course your answer will be the intense smell. Have you ever thought the reasons behind the aroma? It is a phenolic compound called raspberry ketone that makes it sweet smelling. Basically, raspberry ketone is a chemical molecule that causes the aromatic flavor in red raspberries. Other berries like blueberry, cranberry etc has small quantity of  the same component in it.  Raspberry ketone contains Vitamins A, C and E along with beta carotene.

It was mainly used as a component by cosmetic and food industry in the beginning. It is widely used as a component in perfumes, cosmetics, candles, soaps, candies, ice creams, etc. as an aromatic flavoring.

It was in the last decade that the medicinal properties of raspberry ketone came into light. It was introduced as a miracle heath supplement that would burn your fat easily and effectively. However, the side effects of raspberry ketones is not thoroughly discussed yet.

Health benefits of raspberry ketone

raspberry-ketone-weight-lossRaspberry ketones became a popular weight loss aid in recent times and it is also a popular component in cosmetics.  It has the similar molecular structure of other fat burning molecules like Ephedrine and Synephrine. The hormone in  raspberry ketones promotes the breakdown of stored fat in the body. The process is called lipolysis. Furthermore, it burns down the fat cells in the liver. The fat cells release a hormone called adiponetecin, that regulates the metabolic function of the body. These reactions result in the sudden weight loss of the body.

In cosmetics, it is believed to improve the skin elasticity and hence proven worth. Reports also show that raspberry ketones promote hair growth on the skin.

However, it has to be noted that there is no scientific study on humans to second any of these assumptions.

What are raspberry ketones side effects?

People are often seen intriguing on the side effects of raspberry ketones.   Ketone side effects itself is a subject of ongoing research anyway.

To be frank, there is no scientific study that proves raspberry ketone is the final word for weight loss. Unfortunately, no harmful side effects of raspberry ketones have been reported anywhere in the world. Though raspberry ketones side effects are still in the dark, but comparatively, it is less dangerous from what we know.

The component raspberry ketone that you get in the health supplement pill is not exactly the natural one. It is chemically built inside the laboratory for commercial purposes.

Banking on the available reports, raspberry ketone side effects include increased heartbeat or palpitation, high blood pressure, anxiety syndromes etc.

Moreover, if you go collect sincere reviews from people taking raspberry ketone health supplements, you do not find it as the best option. It has never been reviewed as the longtime weight loss supplement.

Since there is no evidence to prove raspberry ketones side effects, it is better to stay on the safe side. Avoid it when you are pregnant and during breast feeding. It is advisable not to take the health supplement if you are under severe medication for diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.

Raspberry Better opt another clinically proven health supplement to shed pounds, rather than pondering over the side effects of raspberry ketones. Or you can switch to a better diet plan and be sincere in it to lose your weight. If you still want to try raspberry ketones, do it only under the guidance of a doctor.