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The chemistry of Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone Chemical Structure

Raspberry ketone is a highly in demand compound which occurs naturally as well as manufactured in the laboratory. It is used as a flavoring agent for a large class of processed foods. Apart from this it has been unofficially regarded as a fat burning agent, used as a cure for baldness and much more. As we proceed, we will analyze its chemical composition and structure which accounts for the effects and side effects of Raspberry ketones

The chemical structure

Raspberry Ketone Chemical StructureIts chemical structure resembles that of fat burning products like Synephrine and Ephedrine, the difference being the replacement of an ethylamine group by buttoning-substituted phenyl group

Interaction with human body

The supposed effects: Fat burning is one of the believed effects of raspberry ketone; however, clinical trials for this have only been done on mice, not on humans. It interacts with the liver and increases the rate of attenuation of liver fat. It also benefits the liver enzymes. The good side effects of raspberry ketones also include cure from baldness and reduction in the process of ageing.

The raspberry ketones side effects: The most noted side effects of raspberry ketone users include stimulation of the circulatory system, thereby increasing the action of a heart amounting rapid heartbeat. Also throbbing of heart and quivering behavior of the human body could be linked with the use of raspberry ketone. The raspberry ketone side effects are more prominent for lactating mothers and pregnant mothers, hence they are strictly asked to avoid its use.

Different countries have given different status to raspberry ketone thereby deciding their flow in the market. For instance, the US Food and Drug Administration has identified it as “GRAS (generally recognized as safe)”whereas the Food Standard Agency, UK does not consider its effects as serious and considers the raspberry ketone side effects as grave thereby terming it as “novel” and hence putting it on the unauthorized list of food compounds.



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