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What people don’t know about Raspberry?

Before you move on side effects of raspberry ketones, you should know about Raspberry in detail. Why Raspberry Ketone known as overpriced and magical weight loss solution? This question will be answered here completely.

What is Raspberry?

raspberry-ketone-supplementRaspberry ketone is a phenolic compound present in red raspberries. This phenolic compound is the reason of raspberry signature scent. In the early days, raspberry ketones were primarily used to buy the food and perfume industries, but now it is sold in supplement form.

Raspberry ketone has been advertised as the emerging weight loss solution, as manufacturers claimed that   Raspberry ketone contain chemicals to help the body to reduce fat rapidly. Is this true?

Before you purchase any Raspberry ketone bottle from the market, read below content carefully which may surprise or shock you!

What was the result of the scientific study on Raspberry Ketone?

You won’t believe that Raspberry ketone was never tested on human beings. Yes, it’s right! Scientifically tested Raspberry ketone on rats for checking the ability of fat reduction. They performed two studies in rats. One study was conducted on a male rat, which resulted in increased secretion of adiponectin, a hormone released by fat cells to break down the fat of the body. The ultimate result was less fat developed in the rat body. In the other test, the rat was fed with a high quantity fat diet with varying amount of Raspberry ketones. The rat who intake more Raspberry ketones found to be burning more fat and reduced formation of fat tissues.

The third test was conducted in a test tube to confirm its action against fat cells. This test also resulted that Raspberry ketone stimulates the rapid breakdown of the fat cells.

Few recent searches showed that when Raspberry ketone was applied on the skin, it results into improved skin elasticity and helped hair to grow in less than five months. Even then side effects of raspberry ketone were unrevealed.

All these tests do not approve that Raspberry ketone is the safe weight loss solution. Don’t you think, Raspberry ketone should have tested on human beings to know about ketone side effects before launching it in the market? Life is more important than weight loss so people should not consider this as a best weight loss solution without trusting research on a human being.

What about the TV claims?

Those channels which promote Raspberry ketone does not have proof to be trusted. No one should believe these TV channels without knowing Raspberry ketone side effects and actual benefits.

Raspberry ketone side effects

Raspberry Ketones Side EffectsAs scientists failed to check the actual benefit of Raspberry ketone, so, it’s quite dangerous to use it. Recently a few people tried the supplement of Raspberry ketone which resulted in rapid heartbeats and increased blood pressure. The FDA also disapproved Raspberry ketone for being used for weight loss without knowing its scientific results.

There may be any raspberry ketones side effects which can harm the health adversely or can even lead to death, it can’t be predicted.


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